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Chebacco Lake is a 209-acre Great Pond co-located in Essex and Hamilton, Massachusetts approximately 30 miles north of Boston. The Great Pond designation ensures public use for swimming, boating, and year-around fishing

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(average depth: 9 feet with a maximum depth of 22 feet) – characteristics that make the lake susceptible to algae blooms.

flows 1.7 miles to the Essex River. Each spring for thousands of years, alewife (lake herring) return from the ocean via the brook to spawn.

comprise 7% of the 7.2 square mile (4,600-acre) watershed area which overlaps portions of Essex (1,890 acres), Hamilton (1,613 acres),  Manchester (658 acres), Wenham (329 acres), and Beverly (110 acres).

forested areas comprise 58% area; wetlands comprise another 17%. Routes 22 and 128 cross the watershed.

there are no dams or control structures. A sand-gravel aquifer underlies the lake and ponds which are at similar elevations. The health and ecology of these water bodies are closely intertwined with land and water use practices in all five communities.

that’s when summer camps and cabins began giving way to year-around habitation, amplifying challenges stemming from phosphate overloading, pollution, and runoff.

sparked by the arrival of an invasive aquatic plant, Cabomba. The Association is open to all residents and friends of the watershed, and works closely with the Towns of Essex and Hamilton as well as the relevant agencies of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Let’s Be The Solution!

As we reach our 40th year, the challenges of watershed health and sustainability have never been greater and the Association is striving to build a robust community of watershed residents and advocates to protect these vulnerable resources. 

Recreation & Safety

Information on outdoor activity

Lake Living & Learning

Key concepts of lake ecology and mitigating our “watershed footprint"

Watershed Stewardship

Overview of current projects

In addition to this webpage, the Association publishes a periodic newsletter and maintains a Facebook page for the latest updates, wildlife sightings, photos, and neighborhood news.

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CLWA Officers & Board of Directors for 2023-2024


Sue McLaughlin

160 Gregory Island Rd South Hamilton, MA



Robyn Kanter

30 Hill Rd South Hamilton



Dave Lash

73 Lakeshore Ave South Hamilton, MA






Hamilton Representatives

Russell Camp

35 Village Lane South Hamilton, MA


Shirley Decker-Lucke

21E Gregory Island Rd South Hamilton, MA

Essex Representatives

Adam Bahret

18 Coral Hill Rd Essex, MA


Maddie Hopkins

Director of Rowing, Gordon College


David Lenzi (978) 768-7034

57 Wood Dr Essex, MA

Keith Symmes

27 Centennial Grove Rd Essex, MA


Bette Viano

20 Coral Hill Essex, MA