LakeSmart Steps You Can Take

LakeSmart is about taking simple actions as property owners to protect Chebacco Lake and the ponds. There are many best practices that you can put in place that will “slow the flow” and give rainwater time to soak into the ground before reaching the lake or ponds. Suggestions include:

  • Increase native plants on your property.
  • Reduce lawn area.
  • Divert stormwater to natural areas (away from the lake).
  • Cover pathways with erosion control mulch.
  • Stabilize the shoreline with native plants.
  • Pump the septic system regularly.

Resources for becoming more LakeSmart:

From Mass DEP:

From the state of Maine:

Maine does a fabulous job protecting its lakes and ponds by educating and supporting their lake residents and lake associations. Here are some great resources for property owners:


LakeSmart landscaping tips from the archived newsletter articles of our own Robyn Kanter. Until then, see her recent article, No Mow May, Low Mow Spring, in the May 2024 issue.