Godzilla Algae is coming!

What you should know:

A new villain emerges from the depths – Godzilla Algae (AKA “Harmful Algae Blooms”) is growing STRONGER, increasing in magnitude, frequency, and duration! Harmful to human health, pets, livestock, and aquatic life, these blooms have wide-ranging recreational and economic impacts.

Godzilla Algae last surfaced in 2020 when it closed Chebacco Lake for 19 days. Lake water sampling in 2023 confirms that we are prone for more closures. (Already as of July 1, 2024, harmful algae blooms have closed parts of Lake Winnipesaukee and three other New Hampshire lakes.)

Rising water temperatures, more intense rainfall, and higher nutrient runoff sparked by global warming are fueling the monster’s growth:

  • Harmful cyanobacteria species grow faster than other algae at warmer temperatures.

  • They migrate up and down the water column better than other algae, consuming nutrients in the cooler bottom layers and using them to grow in the warmer upper layers.

  • They also absorb sunlight and release heat, making surface waters even warmer, further increasing their advantages (EPA).


We can beat the beast! Restoring Chebacco to conditions that inhibit these blooms begins with amassing solid data – at least three years’ worth. Ultimately, these defenses cost well into six figures!! That’s why we need everyone! Get informed, get involved, and donate!

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